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INDIAN TURTLES GROUP is a association of like mind people meeting, discussing, sharing & learning the Market Technical Analysis and helping each other be successful Trader and Investor. Founded by Mr Mayur Sampat in the year 2012. Indian Turtles now running successful which includes Professionals Traders, CAs, Doctors, Businessmen, Housewife and Students.

Goal Of Indian Turtle Group

Indian Turtle group was founded with a goal that NO INDIVIDUAL SHOULD LOOSE MONEY IN THE MARKET. Getting associated with the Indian Turtles, help fine tune skills on Share Market Technical Analysis topics, such as Candle Sticks Charts, Trends, Risk Management, Psychology of Trading, Indicators and Oscillators, W D Gann square of 9 & Gann Angles, Market cycles and many other topics, related to Stock & Commodity Market, constantly improving our learning curve.

Thus moving one step to success, the Indian Turtles group facilitate and creates an environment, by keeping regular meets and webinars. Its helps individual to interact with people who are successful in the Market place. It creates an place of interaction and sharing of personal stories. In a way a get together of Lovers of Market, a Right place for Individual Traders and/or Investors.

Two Days Over Night Meet

*What a match yesterday!!*

India vs England!

350 to Chase! 4wkt at 63! Partnership of 200+ & Decent finish with 11 balls remains. A Superb Win!

Lesson to understand :
  1. No Target is as Big as You!
  2. Nothing is impossible if you decide to Win!
  3. *Small failure at Start is just a part of game so don’t get panic or leave in between!*
  4. Must focus On Chase Rate of your Dream you can not get all at last!
  5. Opportunity gives time to all, It’s at individual to encash by giving their Best!
  6. *Be Positive! Be Focused!! Dream Big*!!!

Keep learning n keep sharing.. Join us on this wonderful journey 21st n 22nd Jan 2017.

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Trainings - "Earn as you Learn"

Stock Market is all about Probabilities either you make money or you loose money. The Market is always going to be neutral. The Market will always Remain.

Training Program

How working only on Simple Strategies we make money. All the TECHNICAL PATTERNS which are working. About Trade Planning & Psychology of Success in Market.

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Indian Turtles The Club

We now take one step forward, to have more interaction and sharing. We now start" Indian Turtles Club" membership is open.

The Unique Advantage of Joining this Club would be as follows:

Attend a free webinar conducted on every year around.

12 Meetings in a year 4 quarterly meeting where we work on our strategies learn new Technic / Oscillators / Indicators.(Snacks /Tea)

Plus an Anniversary meet, a get together with spouse / friend or a family member. (Lunch /Or Dinner)

Client Testimonials

Congrats to the newly formed Indian Turtle group!  I encourage your desire to share information and profit from the markets.  Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help the group.  I may be able to do a live tie in to your meeting via skype sometime.
Brandon Wendell, CMT
Mayur dear........... excellent identification and analysis for the Indian Turtle group........Suggest that each member of the group could share at least one high potential trade set up that they have identified and analyzed...........this will be learning and earning by sharing!!
Ashok Malhotra
Hi Mayur Sir,It was a wonderful meet for all OTA grads. Convey my thanks to all your family members for such a hospitality. Further the month long wait for the nextmeeting is somewhat more I feel. It should be around a fortnight if you all decide in the next meet depending upon knowledge sharing. Anyway my demand zone and supply zone concepts cleared even more to the 99.9 percent because of your explanation. Thanks.Regarding the Orchid chemicals I shorted it at 160 and covered at 154.5 then it went down to 138. But no regrets. Also I made profit in Sbi, LT and Axis bank by following SZ and DZs.Thanks again.
Ramkrishna Mallya
Sir,Definitely a big thanks to the people who managed at backstage...A big thanks to all of them...Regards
Neha Shah
Hi Mayur,Add S,   We are more than one. Hence the name is INDIAN TURTLES whileopening the Facebook , please take care.
Dilip Kamath
Dear Sampat,Thank you for having arranged a meeting of the like minded people.Some were having good knowledge like you, while others like me having limited knowledge/newbies could, discuss and clarify our doubts.  It is a big start for the "Indian Turtle".I have not attended the OTA training and do not know whether it is worth to attend it. If you have attended or any participant of OTA, may I request to shed light on it, for my knowledge.
T Majumdar
Dear Sir,Enjoyed your session at Dadar. Great keep it up.. We will definitely meet every month……I am coming there to increase my knowledge with our expertise.ThanksRegards
Deepak Solanki
It was nice meet. All our family members had worked. I thank you and those who helped us. We will meet soon as an when next meeting arranged. For the next meet please inform earlier. If any way I can help you.Regards
Bhavesh Negandhi
Thank you for calling. The session was excellent and looking forward to more in future.As I learnt you share your good works/studies I will be obliged to benefit from it. Kindly include my id in your sharing group.Thanking you again.
Rajesh Gandhi
Mayur ji,Congratulations on organizing the meet. It was indeed a great learning experience. Unfortunately, I had to leave around 7.30 pm and I guess I haven't missed out much. The meet served as a platform to share our views and tips on how to stay afloat in the market. Look forward to more such meets in the future.Regards
Aijaz R
HiThanks for taking a lot of efforts for sharing knowledge.All the very best.
Ramkrishna Mallya
Naresh Shah
Mayur,Thanks for the emails. I wish I could attend your session and help your group with the levels. I will be in India next month. Let me know how I can help.Have a great day.
Sam Seiden
Dear Mayur,Good Idea!I appreciate it. It would be great if we discuss all our issues of market and exchange our useful ideas.
Arun Tamanekar
Dear Mayurbhai,That's a very good idea.Although i don't have much experience to share as i have not been able to utilize whatever i learnt at Online Academy due to time constraints, i have been an avid follower of your mails and information shared by you.Definitely would try to join you on Saturday /Sunday if I am in Mumbai.Keep me posted about the meeting point.Regards,
Jiten Surve
Thank you too, organizing such an event with the small contribution amount is really a herculian task. You did it very well.The methodology reminds me of my school day meetings. In those we did the same thing. We contributed small amounts and the event gone very well.Anyway thanks again.Regards
Sunil Karve
You are doing a wonderful thing I wish I could make it next time will definitely try. My best wishes 
ketan parekh
A BIG THANKS TO YOU ALL as this journey would not have been possible without you participating.
Mayur,Thanks for your email. I'm astonished that in a self centered world, there are people like you, who think about helping others help themselvesPlease do send any material/emails. I will read the book you referredI will keep you & your family in my prayers
Mayur,Great to see the Turtles are doing well and going strong. If there is ever any way I can help, please let me know. Great job.I will be in India early next year. Have a great day.
Sam Seiden
MayurGreat article.. While theirs was a trend following system which was different from ours, we can apply many of the rules to our trading plans as well. I found their position sizing technique quite useful. I had been struggling with identifying the right way to position my size and more often than not would use a random order size. Also the rule of placing the stops @ 2 N is good. I think it's  used by Derek Zalek from OTA. I have got stopped out of my trade due to the OTA rule of placing the sl just above or below the dz and sz. Combing the two can help me a lotThanks once again,
Looks like you guys are having fun!Cheers
Ryan D Cook
Mayur,Hope you are well. It's great to see your group growing stronger. If I can help sometime when I am in India, let me know.
Sam Seiden
Mayurbhai,I am so grateful for all the efforts you took. May God fulfill your desire.
Prasad Bedkar
Indian stock market cycles of 8 years
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